Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I spent much of February going back and forth to Minnesota to help care for my stepfather during the last weeks of his life. He was released from the hospital with only a few days to live due to multiple health issues. He wanted to die at home watching the birds at the feeders he sets out for them. He got his wish. It was a pretty tough go for my mom and for my brothers and sister and I as we took turns caring for him. He amazed us all by his inner strength during what was most certainly an incredibly difficult time. He never lost his humor, though, making jokes right to the end. Most admirable, however, has been my mom. She was there for him not just in the end, but for the last 2 years, making sure he got to dialysis, the doctor, the hospital or where ever he needed to go; giving him his medications, helping him in everything. She wouldn’t leave the house for fear he might need her. She was his rock. She really lived the “in sickness and health” promise. I only hope my husband will take as good care of me as my mom did of her husband. Everyone should be so lucky. This shot, taken just hours before Hank’s final moments, really reminds me of how tied together they were.