It has been almost three weeks now and I can finally bring myself to talk about it!
Ned had a terrible biking accident during the Tour de Kitsap the day after Karin and Brent’s wedding. He and a friend, Steve, were go far too fast (about 40 miles per hour according to one of the bike computers) down a hill in Scandia, having the time of their lives, when they touched wheels just before the turn. Well, they both ended up in the ditch. Ned was unconscious and pretty broken up. Thankfully, Steve faired better and was able to summon help. A nice young EMT called to tell me about it and that they were on the way to the hospital. Though he was upbeat, it did not stop me and the girls from getting a little freaked out.

In the hospital, Ned clearly had some problems. He had a pretty serious concussion and frontal lobe contusion – he could not remember the accident or the last week for that matter. His short term memory lasted about 2 minutes – just long enough for us to explain why his shoulder hurt so bad and what happened. Then he would start completely over with the same questions we had just answered and he would have exactly the same response! That was very freaky and, after we knew he would be okay, pretty funny!
Besides the memory and concussion issues, his shoulder is broke in a couple of places, he has a couple broken ribs, he has some nerve damage on his right side, hip and back, and he is still very bruised and sore.
He is actually healing pretty fast, has most of his memory back (except the accident) and has started to use his right arm again. Thank goodness he was in pretty good shape when the accident happened! I am certain that is, and will be, a major factor in his recovery.

I want to thank all the nice EMTs at the North Kitsap Fire Department, and the health workers, doctors and nurses at Harrison Hospital who took care of Ned during this very scary time.

Ned still isn’t able to get around quickly enough to cover weddings, so our friend, Steve Zugswerdt, has stepped in to fill in for him. Thank goodness for Steve! He is a wonderful photographer and has a very similar shooting style so he fits in very nicely. He captured some wonderful moments at Megan and Dan’s wedding and will be at Joana and Aaron’s wedding next week to capture some more moments.