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Ellie’s new copper lab puppy, Zephyr, is just too adorable. Photographing him was much like photographing a toddler – he kept wandering of the set! They waited what seemed like forever to get this little guy and had to go all the way to Eastern Washington to get him. Zach is hoping to train him to be a bird dog, but for now Zephyr is just soaking up being the new “baby” in the house. Zephyr is named after a boat motor! Seems appropriate for a boat racer to name his dog after a motor. Enjoy these shots of my new grandpuppy!


Mmmm mmm, peeps! Such marsmallowy goodness with a sugar crunch. What better Easter treat could there be?

I am so honored to be  featured on the latest calendar from the “Soul Beautiful” calendar series. The calendar series springs from the desire to empower foster youth to take risks, develop their individual voice and create options for their future by providing wilderness adventures, self expression art workshops, life skills training and an ongoing network of support and connection. The calendar is the work of former Bremerton resident, Gia States, daughter of Bremerton residents Skip and Judy Duke. Gia, who now lives in California  and is Founder & Director of Development for Re:mix, became involved in developing the calendar when she and her husband began the process of adopting a foster child and quickly became educated on the staggering statistics of the United States foster care system. “The deeper into the process I went, the more passionate I became about realizing that I had the power to affect change on a much greater scale than by simply adopting one child. I have the power to help thousands. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since”,  Gia explained.

Proceeds of the calendar will support Re:mix, which sponsors a series of immersion-style summer retreats to empower foster youth to take risks and broaden their life possibilities.

Gia saw a portrait I made of Finn, the son of a friend here in Bremerton and asked me if she could use the photograph on the calendar. She felt the photograph really spoke to the idea of how children look up to their family and how important the support of family is and used the photograph for the month of November, since that is when we really focus on being thankful for family. Of course I said yes. I am deeply touched that she choose the photo. Most of the amazing photos in the calendar depict people involved in activities that promote living your most authentic self and celebrating who you are. It is really a beautiful idea.

Gia then gathered sponsors including “Powder Magazine”, since many of the photographs in the calendar depict the action sports that many of its readers are involved in. The magazine will give a complimentary subscription to “Powder Magazine” with each calendar purchase.

So if you are looking for a calendar to inspire yourself or your loved ones click here to purchase the new 2010 Adventures of the Soul calendar.

About Re:mix: Re:mix nonprofit organization was established in 2008 in response to the quiet crisis of youth in foster care. Our mission is to empower foster youth to take risks, develop their individual voice and create options for their future by providing wilderness adventures, self expression art workshops, life skills training and an ongoing network of support and connection. Contact: Gia States, Founder | Director of Development & Community Relations, 530 545 1413

Wow! I am very behind in blogging! I have been so busy the last several weeks! Let’s see…. I went to Italy, tore some cartilage in my knee, had surgery on my knee, photographed several families and babies, three wedding, a few seniors and threw a party for my 30th anniversary with some good friends in Bremerton. I’ll try to keep up better, but in the mean time take a look at some of the fun photos we made in our “photo booth” during our party at the Fountain Room in Bremerton. We had a blast. I want to thank all our friends for celebrating and having such a good time with us.

Gene and Laura - married 28 years!

Gene and Laura - married 28 years!

To see more fun photo booth shots,
These couples have all been married more than 30 years!

These couples have all been married more than 30 years!

the anniversary couples -- Married 30 years!

the anniversary couples -- Married 30 years!

Check out the slide show to see more great shots from our photo booth!

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I spent much of February going back and forth to Minnesota to help care for my stepfather during the last weeks of his life. He was released from the hospital with only a few days to live due to multiple health issues. He wanted to die at home watching the birds at the feeders he sets out for them. He got his wish. It was a pretty tough go for my mom and for my brothers and sister and I as we took turns caring for him. He amazed us all by his inner strength during what was most certainly an incredibly difficult time. He never lost his humor, though, making jokes right to the end. Most admirable, however, has been my mom. She was there for him not just in the end, but for the last 2 years, making sure he got to dialysis, the doctor, the hospital or where ever he needed to go; giving him his medications, helping him in everything. She wouldn’t leave the house for fear he might need her. She was his rock. She really lived the “in sickness and health” promise. I only hope my husband will take as good care of me as my mom did of her husband. Everyone should be so lucky. This shot, taken just hours before Hank’s final moments, really reminds me of how tied together they were.

We are excited to announce our new photo studio in Poulsbo. We are having our Grand Opening open house on Saturday the 17 from noon to 7:00. Please stop by and say hi. We are upstairs above the Dancing Brush downtown. Look for the stairs between the Dancing Brush and the Kitchen Karosel.  The studio is small, but just big enough for meeting clients, and rainy day sessions. We will be open by appointment.  We will be doing all our maternity sessions and newborns there as well. We will also be offering photography classes for adults soon. We are looking forward to being part of the downtown Poulsbo community.

It has been almost three weeks now and I can finally bring myself to talk about it!
Ned had a terrible biking accident during the Tour de Kitsap the day after Karin and Brent’s wedding. He and a friend, Steve, were go far too fast (about 40 miles per hour according to one of the bike computers) down a hill in Scandia, having the time of their lives, when they touched wheels just before the turn. Well, they both ended up in the ditch. Ned was unconscious and pretty broken up. Thankfully, Steve faired better and was able to summon help. A nice young EMT called to tell me about it and that they were on the way to the hospital. Though he was upbeat, it did not stop me and the girls from getting a little freaked out.

In the hospital, Ned clearly had some problems. He had a pretty serious concussion and frontal lobe contusion – he could not remember the accident or the last week for that matter. His short term memory lasted about 2 minutes – just long enough for us to explain why his shoulder hurt so bad and what happened. Then he would start completely over with the same questions we had just answered and he would have exactly the same response! That was very freaky and, after we knew he would be okay, pretty funny!
Besides the memory and concussion issues, his shoulder is broke in a couple of places, he has a couple broken ribs, he has some nerve damage on his right side, hip and back, and he is still very bruised and sore.
He is actually healing pretty fast, has most of his memory back (except the accident) and has started to use his right arm again. Thank goodness he was in pretty good shape when the accident happened! I am certain that is, and will be, a major factor in his recovery.

I want to thank all the nice EMTs at the North Kitsap Fire Department, and the health workers, doctors and nurses at Harrison Hospital who took care of Ned during this very scary time.

Ned still isn’t able to get around quickly enough to cover weddings, so our friend, Steve Zugswerdt, has stepped in to fill in for him. Thank goodness for Steve! He is a wonderful photographer and has a very similar shooting style so he fits in very nicely. He captured some wonderful moments at Megan and Dan’s wedding and will be at Joana and Aaron’s wedding next week to capture some more moments.