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First Year baby plans are so much fun. I get to see the little ones at 4 months,  8 months and 12 months so I really get to cover all phases of that first year. Most of our families opt for a 1st year book at the end of the sessions, while some make a canvas cluster for a wall in their home.

This little guy has been with us since he was a newborn. He is extra special to us as he is the son of a beautiful young lady who we also watched grow up. Second Generation!

How awesome!

We have been so good all year, so we thought it was time for something a little naughty! We are introducing our new offshoot – Oh La La Boudoir Photography just in time for you to book a session in time for a fun and flirty Christmas present for your guy! Oh La La Boudoir will have its own website by the end of the

We are launching our new project on Tuesday, December 7 at our studio. We will have an open house from 6:30-8:30 with prizes and gift bags for the first 30 people. We have great partners for our event- Bella Bella Cupcakes, Ish Vintage Clothing, Susan and Amy from Mary Kay, Red & Me custom jewelry and stationary, and Boot Camp Diva. Wardrobe stylist Collette Jones will give tips on what to wear and our makeup artists will “do” your eyes. Come find out what boudoir photography is all about. Join the fun.

Here are a few shots from our boudoir photography party at the Alexis Hotel in Seattle.

Elegant glamor portrait

Gorgeous portaits of beautiful lady


The holidays are here. Families gather, decorations are put up, great food is presented and devoured, presents are exchanged and cameras you haven’t used since summer vacation are brought out. My awesome clients ask me for photo tips all the time, so to make sure you all are ready to capture all the moments, I have put together a few ideas to keep in mind.

Tips To Take Better Photos For The Holidays

Tip #1: Be Prepared!
Make sure you have plenty of batteries and if you’re using a digital camera, get plenty of memory cards. You will want to photograph at high resolution so you’ll be able to print the best images. Using too low of resolution just so you can get more pictures is not a good trade off! Also, do your homework now! Pull out that manual, or go online and download it, and refresh your memory with what all those buttons on your camera do. You don’t want to miss precious moments while trying to figure out how to work the camera and where to put the memory card.

Tip #2: Think About Your Composition
Where you put things in your photos matters! A few things to think about that will improve your images greatly include:
•Get close. Fill the entire frame with the your child and get rid of extra clutter. Go for expression!
•To create a more dynamic image, put your subject off center using the rule of thirds. Some cameras even have a grid on the LCD panel to help you with this. If not, think about dividing the frame into thirds and placing the subject on one of those intersections. To make sure your subject will be in focus, pre-focus by pushing the shutter halfway down while focusing on your subject. Then, still holding the button down, reframe your camera so your subject is placed off-center and press the shutter button fully.
•Pay attention to what’s behind your subject when creating your picture. Avoid things that come out of your subject’s head by stepping to one side or the other. Try to keep backgrounds simple. Use composition rule “get close” and this will be less of a problem!

Tip #3: Don’t take just one!
One of the great things about digital cameras is that you don’t have to print them all, so shoot away! It will likely take several photos to get just a couple of really good images, and when will you have this chance again? When you are photographing groups, someone always blinks so take lots. Make it fun by talking to the group and letting them have input on the poses. And of course, take lots of candid moments just trying to capture the moment and the expression.

Tip #4 Get in some of the photos!
In our family, it was always either Ned or me taking the photos of the other one with the girls. We ended up hardly having any of us all together! Learn from our mistakes! Put the camera on a tripod or even on a chair or table and use the self-timer. Almost all cameras have them now. Just be sure to pre-focus and to figure out where you will stand in a group photo before starting timer.

There is so much more to tell you about, but this will get you started and hopefully help you make some great images of all your special days with your family.

If you want to know more, I am holding another “Capture Your Life” Workshop on January 22, 2011. It will be another full day workshop to learn how best to use your camera and use composition to help create awesome images. If you missed it last time, now is another chance. E-mail me for more info! Happy Holidays!

Can you believe Fall is already here? The air is turning crisp; the leaves are turning to the colors of a sunset and bam! It is time to start thinking about the holidays and family portraits for holiday cards and holiday gifts! We have been so busy this year; we only have a couple open days for Fall Color Sessions. So, we have decided to devote one whole Saturday in October to Fall Color Mini-Sessions to get in as many of you as we can and to give you a great deal!
The Fall Color Mini-Sessions will be shorter than our regular sessions – 30 minutes –and are designed for up to 4 people. Groups larger than 4 people will need to either schedule a regular family session (on a different day), or book back-to-back Mini Sessions. You will get to choose from 15-20 fabulous images for use on custom designed holiday cards or for gift prints. This is a great way to finally get that family portrait you have wanted to do and have fun doing it!

The sessions will be in beautiful Port Gamble where the fall color is simply delicious!
Mini Session Date: October 2nd (rain date – October 3)
Sessions will be scheduled on the 1/2 hour from 8:30 – 10:00 and from 2:00 – 5:30. First come first served. Reservations are a must so book now!
There are three Mini Session Package package options to choose from:

Choice 1: Mini session and a set of 25 custom-designed 5×7 two sided folded holiday cards with envelopes. (Choose from one of our templates at your preview session, or we can design a card for you) – $189

Choice 2: Mini session and one 8×10 for you, and a set of 48 wallets (to include in your own holiday cards) – $189

Choice 3: Mini session only – you will choose your print package at your ordering appointment. – $100 (print packages start at $250)
Additional prints and cards may be purchased later.
To book your Fall Color Mini Session in Port Gamble e-mail or call us at 360-692-1962 or 360-710-1435 ASAP. We expect the best times to go fast! Let us know which package you would like at the time of booking. All sessions must be paid for upon booking to save your session time.

Lindsey and Andy will be coming back to the Pacific Northwest to get married in a couple of weeks at the beautiful Alderbrook Resort by the Hood Canal. They grew up here and met here, but have since moved away to Wisconsin. Since both families are here, the wedding will be here, too. These shots were done when they were visiting last Christmas, but somehow missed getting on the blog (sorry!). We are really looking forward to photographing their wedding day. We have met several of their family members already and the wedding is sure to be a wonderful event. See you two soon!

I have known Rachael since her freshman year in college. Now here she is, all grown up and ready to start her own family with Chris. We are looking forward to the wedding in August. It is such an honor to be part of their big day. Here are a few shots from their engagement session in Port Townsend and Discovery Bay.

Yes, those are dollars stuck to the ceiling and the walls!

Yes, those are dollars stuck to the ceiling and the walls!


Gig Harbor couple Katrina and Eric came up to see us last week to get some photos done. They saw the photos we did for some friends of theirs for their engagement and even though these two have been married a while now, they wanted some romantic photos, too. We were happy to oblige and met them in Silverdale by the waterfront to take advantage of the great outdoor studio Silverdale offers. These two were so cute together. When I asked Eric what his favorite line to get Katrina’s attention was, he promptly came up with “Hi there, I’m a pilot”. Too funny! We had a great time and got some fun photos. Have a look!

I met this young man a few years ago when his big sister was a senior. He has grown into a tall handsome young man with a bright future. It is such fun to see that happen! Congrats to you John and to the rest of the class of 2010!

Photographing seniors is so much fun. They are always open to ideas and — let’s face it– they look great! I’m a little bit jealous! Makes me remember back in the day. And I am talking way back! ; ) Here is a little cutie from North Kitsap — all grown up and headed towards her future. Congrats Sam!  For you other 2010 seniors.. Hurry!!! There are only a few weeks left to get those senior photos done!

So many folks have asked me to do a workshop, so I finally am putting one together. This is for all your moms and dads out there that want to capture those special moments as your kids grow. This will be for a small group of no more than 10 so reserve your spot ASAP.

The “Capture Your Life Workshop” will be on Saturday, July 17  from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and will cover the following:

Capture Life Workshop
What’s included in the workshop:
* Getting to know how your camera works (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, etc.)
* Natural light and how to use it
* Creative composure to tell a story
* Hands on & Interactive (so bring your camera!)
* Working on a few surprises as well!

What to bring:
* A positive attitude and sense of humor
* YOUR CAMERA (It would also be helpful if you could bring your camera manual to refer to if necessary and any cables that came with your camera)
* Your laptop or a notebook to take notes
* Your Questions (there will be a time for Questions & Answers at the end)

What’s the cost?
•$165 for a full day of learning!
• We will have lunch together in one of our local cafes so expect about $12 for lunch or feel free to pack a lunch or have lunch on your own.

Where will the workshop be held?

• Aubin Ahrens Photography studio in Manette:
• 2108 East 11th, Bremerton, WA 98310
• Reach me at: 360-692-1962 or 360-710-1435 or or
You can register and make a payment at: