We were thrilled to photograph Megan and Duncan’s wedding at Red Cedar Farm. Megan was a student of mine at North Kitsap High School, and it so delightful to see her all grown up and in love! It is like seeing a flower blossom! So sweet!
And Duncan is so sweet as well! She found a perfect match!
Red Cedar Farm was just beautiful. Andrea, the owner, has done a wonderful job with the property. I can’t believe she and her family do all that by themselves!
Even though rain was predicted – it held off and Megan and Duncan had a wonderful day.http://aubinahrensphotography.com/?p=2507&preview=true
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Red Cedar Farm Slide Show


Eleven years in the making, this was a wonderful day. Despite all the little things that were not quite “right”, the big picture was just beautiful! Paul came down the aisle wearing a cape and jumping at the end to signify that he was jumping into this marriage with both feet! Sweet and funny! What more could one ask?
The best day ever!

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Lower res version: http://aubinahrensphoto.com/PortGambleWedding.mp4


Wouldn’t you know it! Days and days of wonderful weather and then rain on Jessica and Ben’s wedding day! Good thing rain is good luck! These two just rolled with it, however, making their day their own and as special as it could be.
It wasn’t clear how long the union would last when Ben, a logger, pulled out a chain saw to cut the cake! Jessica took one look at that saw and took off! But calmer minds prevailed, Jessica returned and the couple went on to cut their really cool, tree themed cake and have a wonderful evening.

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Port Gamble is such a wonderful place to have a wedding. It almost seems blessed. I don’t think we have ever seen a “bad” wedding there! It just always goes so well! And, with a gorgeous bride and handsome groom – our job seems so easy! Can’t ask for better than that!

Andrew and Nicoya have been together for six years and have a cute little son who helped them celebrate their big day. The groom looked so handsome in his crisp navy blue suit! The wedding party was also adorned in navy blue.

After a short ceremony in St. Charles church, the couple headed to the Hood Canal Pavilion to celebrate! Nicoya went for a simple, but elegant look and pulled it off beautifully!

Congrats to the couple! We loved sharing your day with you!

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Well it certainly has been a wet winter! So, I was pretty worried about the predicted storm on Sara and Monty’s wedding day. However, though it soaked us all morning, the sun came out and turned the day into one of those wonderful, chilly Northwest winter days with a mix of sun and fluffy clouds. What a relief!
Monty and Sara had a sweet, non-traditional wedding with her son giving her away. It was hard to know who was more excited about the day – Sara, or her son! What a little sweet heart this guy is!

Most weeks leading up to a wedding are a little stressful, but having her mom get sick just before the wedding increased the stress for everyone. What a relief it was that she was able to make it to the wedding. It meant the world to have there for Sara and Monty.

With all the ups and downs of getting to the big day – I think Sara was just thrilled to finally have her big day and have a little time to celebrate.
Congrats to both Sara and Monty, and of course, to Quinn as well!

I just love my job! It is so wonderful to photograph a wedding for truly nice people! Cody, Nick and Aidan make such a wonderful little family. Full of humor and love. It was a joy to spend such a special day with them, and we all had a good laugh when Cody and her son changed the pace of their mother son dance and broke into Nae Nae. Cody could learn some moves from Aidan!
In the middle of a rainy week, even the rain stopped just long enough for the couple to say “I do” and celebrate at Gold Mountain Golf Course. We wish them lots of rainbows in the future. We could not be happier for them.Gold-Mountain-Wedding_0093












If it is true that rain on your wedding day is good luck, then Chris and Missti are going to have some awesome luck! Just as they started their “First Look” the rain started coming down sideways! It was really coming down for a while there, but by the time they said “I do”, the sun broke through and gave us a wonderful evening. Let’s face it, any day two people in love say I do, is a wonderful evening!








I am so excited to finally share Ryan’s proposal to Christine at Kiana Lodge. OMG! How adorable! I was so excited when Ryan called to ask me to photograph his proposal. This guy is an amazing planner! We did a walk through of how he wanted it to go several weeks before the actual proposal. I fully expected him to be so excited that he would forget everything we talked about, yet he pulled it off just as we had planned!

So, I hid in the bushes, trying to blend in and popped out when I saw him drop to one knee. I was able to get several shots before Christine even knew what was happening. I don’t think she even saw me for the first 5 minutes, as she was so focused on Ryan.

Thanks Ryan, for letting us share this special moment! It was amazing!
Kiana Lodge Engagement





After eight years of sharing the ups of downs of life, Tristan and Raleigh shared a beautiful wedding day in Port Gamble. The two made sure it was a fun filled day for themselves as well as their guests. After a ceremony filled with laughter and smiles, the lively group donned light up glasses and necklaces on the packed dance floor to celebrate the day!

There were many unique touches made by the bride and her friends, including the paper flowers that were used for everything from table decor to the bouquets, and were stunning! The brides bouquet included a memorial to her sister as well. Her sister had made dozens of paper stars years ago, and Raleigh and her mom incorporated the stars as well as a cameo into the bouquet! So beautiful!

The couple picked awesome wedding vendors to make sure their day went well. It was a joy to work with this wonderful team including Karen Guyt at Studio G Events, the wonderful caterers Essence of the Thymes and one of my favorite DJs, Jerrod from GenX Productions.

It was a good, good night!

Enjoy the slideshow as well!Port-Gamble-Wedding_0073 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0074 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0075 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0076 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0077 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0078 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0079 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0080 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0081 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0082 Port-Gamble-Wedding_0083

It was a beautiful day, with a beautiful setting and an absolutely beautiful bride! What more can anyone ask? Our friends Kily and Patty went all out for their daughter’s wedding and did a total remake of their backyard. They turned if from a scraggly weed covered sand box to a lush landscaped terrace and lawn, perfect for the wedding of Brittany’s dreams. Brittany wanted a rustic wedding in the woods with the reception on the lawn. So her parents cut and cleared for weeks, watered the new sod twice a day, scarred off the raccoon family that tore up the sod and set up a romantic, beautiful setting for the big day!
Special moments besides the ceremony were Brittany dancing with her grandfather, and then with her great grandfather, who still could cut a rug even in his nineties!
So Brittany got the wedding of her dreams to the man of her dreams. Well done, everyone! It was a very beautiful day!
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Bremerton wedding portrait

Bremerton bride portraitSeabeck portrait

Seabeck portrait


Seabeck portrait

Bremerton portrait

Bremerton portrait

Seabeck wedding portrait

Bremerton portrait