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Well it certainly has been a wet winter! So, I was pretty worried about the predicted storm on Sara and Monty’s wedding day. However, though it soaked us all morning, the sun came out and turned the day into one of those wonderful, chilly Northwest winter days with a mix of sun and fluffy clouds. What a relief!
Monty and Sara had a sweet, non-traditional wedding with her son giving her away. It was hard to know who was more excited about the day – Sara, or her son! What a little sweet heart this guy is!

Most weeks leading up to a wedding are a little stressful, but having her mom get sick just before the wedding increased the stress for everyone. What a relief it was that she was able to make it to the wedding. It meant the world to have there for Sara and Monty.

With all the ups and downs of getting to the big day – I think Sara was just thrilled to finally have her big day and have a little time to celebrate.
Congrats to both Sara and Monty, and of course, to Quinn as well!