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It is always interesting to us how unique each couple and each wedding are. This week that uniqueness was exaggerated for us a bit when we had two weddings within seven days at Kitsap Memorial Park in Poulsbo, with brides named Megan and Meghan! Both wonderful, expressive, and fun brides, but very different in every other way. Each couple made their wedding very much their own! I think seeing those differences is just one of the reasons weddings are so much fun for me! They never get old!
The venue is just a base place! It only becomes a wedding when you add the couple, their friends and family, and amazing decor! And of course – lots of love!
Meghan and Brandon picked Kitsap Memorial Park because they loved the idea of getting married in the trees. They moved the wedding over to the trees to get as much of that feel as they could. It worked beautifully! Even with trees in the middle of rows of seats, everyone had a great view, yet it had a really cozy feel.
One of the many wonderful moments was when Meghan’s dad, a former professor, broke out his power point presentation of Meghan during the toasts! Of course!
Another highlight was the wonderfully delicious, colorful and healthy food by Molly Ward Gardens! Yum!
Congrats to Meghan and Brandon!














Photographing Megan and Tim’s wedding just made me smile all day long! First, Megan’s smile is just infectious! Second, she is an awesome combination of bad ass solider, Annie get your gun, and sweet girlie girl, which just makes me laugh! Tim is a lucky guy to get such an independent and beautiful person to share his life with. And Megan is just as lucky to get a guy who compliments her in every way. They are the sweetest combination with such chemistry! We had such fun with them doing the romantic shots, as they were pretty much up for anything!
The weather good not have been better, the ceremony sweeter, or the reception more fun! Catering was done by Essence of the Thymes, and was awesome as usual! It just all was the perfect day for this sweet couple. Make sure to check out the slide show at the end.


A wedding at Titlow Park in Tacoma is like have a wedding at a lake lodge, only it is really accessible,  because it is right in Tacoma! Even with a well traveled road nearby, you really get the feeling that you are enjoying a wedding in tall trees in the woods. Very enchanting!

This was the perfect place for Justin and Trina’s wedding. Justin asked Trina to marry him on a cliff overlooking the Narrows, so the park near the Narrows surrounded by friends and family was just the right match. Plus, when you are planning a wedding in only a month and a half, the options get narrowed a bit!. However, Trina and Justin did an awesome job putting together their late summer wedding. Trina was over the moon for her Bohemian style wedding dress and build the rest of the wedding around that style. Bridesmaids each wore their own Boho style dress in coral, which combined nicely with the guys in vests.

At the end of the day, with a little help from their friends, Trina and Justin had a wonderful, sweet wedding in the enchanted park at the lodge by the lake! Congratulations you two!

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We are so excited to announce that two wonderful award winning Northwest artists are bringing their skills together and will take over our studio with interactive art at Aubin Ahrens Photography on 11th and Scott from 5-8 during the October 3, 2014 Manette Art Walk.

Jane Friedman will bring her skills with encaustics and oils to at least 3 large canvases, while metal sculptor, Jeff Oens will add metal and glass to create amazing interactive three-dimensional elements to the art pieces that will inquire about memory and technology. The two have spent weeks working on pieces for this show and I am so excited to see their final art displayed in our studio.

Jane Friedman is a Northwest artist focusing on nature, humans and human nature. Born in Iowa and reborn professionally in Alaska, Jane now makes Bremerton, Washington her home. Jane completed her BFA at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, where she received “Best of Show” for her final series of paintings, From Innocence to Experience. Since that time, Jane frequently was featured in solo and group shows in Anchorage, including Stonington Gallery, and the International Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Jane also exhibited her work in solo shows at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau and the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, where her work is part of the permanent collection. She also enjoys teaching art to children and learning from them in the process.

Jeff Oens is a metal sculptor with work placed in corporate office buildings, and private home throughout the country, but predominately in the Northwest, Alaska and Colorado. One of the five metal moose he created will be on display in Manette as well as some of Jeff’s work with metal orbs.

Make sure to stop by during the October 3rd Manette Art walk from 5-8 to seem their amazing work – and of course, share a glass of wine with us! See you there!

Jane and Jeff discuss the three dimensional elements that will be added to her encaustic and oil pieces.

Jane and Jeff discuss the three dimensional elements that will be added to her encaustic and oil pieces.

Gears, and other metal pieces will be embedded in the encaustic and oil art works.

Gears, and other metal pieces will be embedded in the encaustic and oil art works.

Jeff Oens will add his own take on memory loss with his sculpture with found objects.

Jeff Oens will add his own take on memory loss with his sculpture with found objects.