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This beautiful young lady was open to do whatever — she just wanted beautiful artwork of this beautiful stage of her life! Now that just stirs up all kinds of creative ideas in me! What a gift – just to be able to experiment a bit and see what happens! While we created several amazing images, this is one of my favorite from the session. Congratulations to this beautiful mom to be!
Bremerton Maternity portrait

Just a few years ago, we photographed this couple getting married! And here they are, a wonderful little family, now! I love seeing the family and kids grow! And such an adorable family, too!

Congratulations to Joe and Michelle who were married in a beautiful Native American ceremony at Kiana Lodge last week. Joe and Michelle met when one of Michelle’s coworkers decided Michelle needed to meet a really great guy – so she hooked her up with her cousin, Joe. The two hit is off and soon were walking down the isle and saying “I Do”! The weather cleared just in time to give the couple a wonderful day for their wedding.

It was a beautiful ceremony, filled with traditions and love. Check out the slideshow. I’ll be back later to add some more for a sneak peek!