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Check out the sneak peak and slide show of Matt and Mecca’s  wonderful wedding in the woods at Kitsap Memorial State Park last weekend. What was threatening to be a wet and rainy day turned into a gorgeous day for a wedding! The sun lingered over the mountains on this long summer day that was just the right temperature, allowing guests to enjoy the view.

Matt was so nervous his hands were shaking as he waited for his First Look at his gorgeous bride Mecca. And wow, was she ever gorgeous! They were quite a beautiful sight together as they formed a new family with their sons. Matt even proclaimed to all present that he loved Mecca even more than Stalone! Now that is the start of something good! Congratulations Matt and Mecca!


Cloudy skies cleared and left a clear path for a gorgeous wedding day for Rachel and Drew last week in Port Gamble. These two are so sweet and after meeting their families, it is easy to see why. It was a day filled with love, family and friends. You can’t ask for more than that! Add a few lawn games, great food by Essence of the Thymes, great music by GenX Productions and wonderful flowers by Valley Nursery,  and the day is over the top fabulous! Congratulations to Rachel and Drew!   Don’t forget to check out the slide show at the end of the photos!

Port Gamble Bride



Ringing the bellleaving the port gamble churchWedding shoesBocce ballWatching the first danceBubble


In less than a week Rachel and Drew will be going down the isle in Port Gamble! We are so looking forward to their wedding, such a lovely place! They are such a wonderful couple. Just perfect for each other. I love the way Drew looks at Rachel – like he is the luckiest guy in the world! It just makes my heart melt. No matter what the weather, I know their wedding will be wonderful!  Congratulations Rachel and Drew!