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Renee and JJ are truly a good match! In fact, they were matched up by! Turns out it really was true love. They are so sweet together. I just love these guys! Renee wanted a fairy tale wedding, so where better to have it than in a castle? Thornwood Castle in Tacoma on American Lake fit the bill perfectly. Filled with statues, art and antiques, it gave the wedding the regal feel Renee wanted. Luckily, the rain held off long enough to get in the ceremony so they could have it in the beautiful sunken garden. Just a gorgeous place for a wedding. Here is a sneak peek of the day. Don’t forget to check out the slide show that follows!

Jo and Heather met at a Seattle Storm game and it was like a lightening strike. They just knew they wanted to be together. So, in front of a room full of delighted family and friends, the two committed to sharing their lives together. It was sweet. There was laughter and tears of happiness and lots of smiles!

Congratulations to you two and your new family. It was so awesome to get to know you both!

I have attached a cute little slide show of their day.

Jaime and Ben met in junior high school and became sweethearts way back then. Even though they went off to college far away from each other, their relationship continued until both graduated from their programs. Finally, seven years later, they have finalized their commitment to each other and their long distance relationship is over. They will finally live in the same place! These two deserve every happiness life brings to them. They are such a sweet couple! And such sweet parents, too! Congratulations to everyone! Enjoy the slide show. I’ll post some of my favorites later.