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Whew! Another busy week blew by already! Portrait sessions, newborn sessions, weddings and of course, album designing. I am not complaining though, being busy is a very good thing! I have lots of sessions to catch up on, but I wanted to share a sneak peak at one of the adorable babies I photographed this week. Such a cutie! She kind of reminds me of my oldest at the same age. I met and photographed this little girl and her family at her home in Silverdale. I love photographing all those tiny baby parts. The best time to photograph newborns is in the first two weeks, when they are really tiny. However, at a month old, G was still pretty small and cute as a little lamb. How about that sweet round face!

Wow! It has been a really busy couple of weeks! Lots of sessions, designing and teaching. I thought July was going to be slow. Boy, was I in for a surprise. I’ll be trying to get some of the sessions I have been doing up for a peek. Here is a peek at soon to be wed, Emily and Juan. We met at Island Lake near Silverdale for their engagement portraits. They are such an adorable couple. Juan is just so darn sweet! I am looking forward to photographing their wedding in Port Gamble next month.

engangement couple

Aren’t they cute together?

engangement couple dip

Engangement couple on the bridge at Island Lake ParkEngangement couple on the bridge at Island Lake Park

Engangement couple on the bridge at Island Lake ParkEngangement couple on the dock at Island Lake Park

We are so blessed to be able to attend and photography such beautiful wedding celebrations with such wonderful couples and their families. Here is a sneak peak at Crystal and Brandon’s wedding from last week in Bremerton. Thanks to their friends Penny and Trent who let us use their raspberry farm in Central Valley near Silverdale to do some photography. I loved the farm. Penny tells me they are hoping to host a few weddings their soon. It will be a beautiful venue! I hope they hurry up and get it ready so perhaps one of my girls can get married there. Brandon was a hoot and Crystal was a gem! What a great couple. Congratulations to you both!

062708crystal_brandon-903-edit.jpg062708crystal_brandon-871-edit.jpg062708crystal_brandon-1066-edit.jpg062708crystal_brandon-1126-edit.jpgOn the farm062708crystal_brandon-1693-edit.jpgThe couplethe flower girlThe ringI do!First DanceHappy ever after

This was such a beautiful wedding with such a gorgeous bride in such a gorgeous dress! Doesn’t she have the most gorgeous eyes? Despite the threat of rain, it turned out to be a beautiful day. Their wedding and reception was at Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort, near Poulsbo, a beautiful place for an outdoor wedding. It was such fun spending the day with such a nice couple and their families. A great day for wedding photography! A big thanks goes out to Lezlie and Mike for allowing Ned and I the honor of sharing such an important day with them.

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